Trademark Renewal

In this article, we will teach you how to carry out the trademark renewal process with the Colombian Trademark Office (SIC).

1. Validity of a trademark.

A registered trademark is valid for 10 years from the date of its granting. This time frame is renewable indefinitely for equal intervals.

You can find out the date your trademark expires because, upon completion of the registration process, the Colombian Trademark Office (SIC) issues a document that certifies you as the owner of your trademark. Said registration certificate can be found in the SIC database ( In the event that you cannot find your trademark registration certificate, contact us and we will send one to your company or address.

2. Effects of non-renewal of the trademark.

If a trademark is not renewed on time, its owner will lose the rights to it.

3. Regular term for trademark renewal.

A trademark must be renewed within 6 months prior to its validity.

Example: If the trademark expires on October 10, 2041, it must be renewed between May 10, 2041, and October 10, 2041.

4. Grace period for trademark renewal.

The trademark renewal can be carried out within 6 months after its validity, which is called "grace period renewal", for which an additional fee or penalty must be paid.

Example: If a trademark expired on March 17, 2017, it could have been renewed until August 17, 2017, paying an additional fee or penalty.

5. Cost of trademark renewal.

The costs for renewing a trademark are established annually by the Colombian Trademark Office (SIC) and can be consulted on the entity's website (

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