Trademark Search in Colombia

This article explains in detail how to conduct a trademark search history in Colombia.

Prior to apply for the registration of a trademark, it is necessary to conduct a phonetic background search, in order to determine if there are any obstacles, which may be previously registered or pending trademarks, which may cause likelihood of confusion with the sign of your interest.

You can consult the database of registered trademarks with the Colombian Trademark Office (SIC) here.

In this institutional website you will find the database of distinctive signs (trademarks, slogans, trade names and appellations of origin) registered or in process in Colombia, whose purpose is that businessmen can find out if the sign of their interest is free or check the updated status of your applications in process.

Instructions to perform a trademark search in Colombia:

1. Enter the brand and the class of products or services that you intend to identify with it.

In order to carry out a correct trademark history search, you must specify what type of products or services are intended to be identified with the trademark to be registered. The Nice International Classification is a classification system for products and services, adopted by most countries, which is applied to the trademark registration process and allows you to accurately detail the coverage of the sign of your interest.

To know the Nice International Classification, access here. However, using the TMclass product and service search engine is recommended.

In most cases, it is not easy for an entrepreneur to classify the products or services that are intended to be protected through a trademark registration application. In the event that it is difficult for you to carry out this task, our expert attorneys in intellectual property law will advise you through a personalized and first-class online service.

2. If the brand of your interest does not appear registered in the search results, additionally check if there are signs similar to it.

3. If the brand you want to protect is already registered, we recommend trying again with other options until you find one available.

4. Finally, check the expiration date of the trademark that constitutes an obstacle to the sign of your interest, because when a trademark expires, its owner will have lost any right of exclusivity over it.

For most users, it is difficult to interpret the results of the Colombian Trademark Office (SIC) database, so our expert trademark lawyers can provide advice on conducting a trademark history search.

Based on the results obtained, in a period not exceeding 24 working hours, we will deliver a complete analysis aimed at establishing the feasibility of obtaining your trademark and the different measures that can be adopted before starting the registration stage, which contains: 1) the most relevant trademarks found, 2) a legal concept of registrability prepared by an expert lawyer in the matter, 3) the probabilities of obtaining the registration of the trademark of your interest and 4) the list of subsidiary legal options to achieve its registration.

To carry out a background search of the brand of your interest fill out the form detailed below:

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